The Most Popular Kinds of Poker

Poker is an extremely common game and one of the most interesting facts is that while the core strategy is generally the same, there are a number of different variants to choose from. Let us look at three popular versions and some of the features that define each one.

Texas Hold ‘Em

Texas Hold ‘Em is the same game which is played in the World Series of Poker and other international events. The player is dealt two “pocket” cards and he or she will then wait for an additional five community cards to be uncovered during each round. Combinations can then be made off of this total amount. Four rounds will be played and the first three community cards are seen. As this game can take a good amount of time to complete, it is a perfect option for those who enjoy the psychology behind poker.


Omaha can be seen as a more fast-paced version of Texas Hold ‘Em. One of the main differences is that four “pocket” cards are dealt. Then, the remaining five community cards are immediately displayed by the dealer. Due to the higher number of overall cards, up to ten different participants can play a round at any given time.

Seven Card Stud

This is a simpler form of poker and many novice players will begin playing Seven-Card Stud before graduating to Texas Hold ‘Em or Omaha. As the name hints, seven cards are used. The player will be dealt three of these cards down while the other four will remain facing up. Out of this selection, the player will need to make the best possible hand out of five of their cards.

There are indeed other variants such as Five-Card Draw, Chicago and Follow the Queen. Each will have its own set of rules and associated benefits. With such a wide variety to choose from, it is easy to find the game that suits very unique tastes.