Live Poker vs Online Poker

Poker, Live or Online? To play live is quite rare and would require a visit to a casino with all the added costs that would incur. Much more convenient, in the comfort of your own home is playing online where you can easily move from one table to another with different stake ranges set according to your budget.

All the information and rules are available at a click and you don’t need to make a public fool of yourself with what may be a silly question to more experienced players.

Poker is probably the most popular betting game in the World today. There are many different versions of poker but the most popular is Texas Hold ’em. The online sites are slick and give you the sense of live poker as you sit round a virtual table, you can even give yourself a funky name.

Another good thing about online poker sites is the ability to play in practice mode without real money to build your playing confidence up, however when playing with real money it can be much more difficult and pressurised experience.

In conclusion, live poker is for the experienced confident player, for the novice, inexperienced, or anyone who simply likes to play online games, well Online Poker is the obvious choice.