Omaha vs Texas Hold ‘em

Texas hold’em is one of the most popular poker games in the world and is played both professionally and casually. In recent years another form of poker known as Omaha hold’em has been created. Both of these poker games look quite similar at first, although there are several key differences between them that poker lovers are sure to enjoy.


Both of these poker games use a 52-card deck with players using five cards to create the best hand they possibly can. The winning hands are the same for both versions of poker and players can raise, call or fold with each deal.

The Dealer

In Omaha hold’em the dealer does not play a hand along with the other people in the game. Instead, the dealer in this version of poker is represented by a button. Unlike Texas hold’em, the dealer in Omaha hold’em merely deals the cards and provides players with new cards as and when they need them.

The Pot

Before the cards are dealt in Omaha hold’em, a bet is placed by the first player seated to the left of the dealer. This move makes sure that the first two players in the game cannot merely fold and that there is a game worth playing every time that the cards are dealt. The player seated to the left of the dealer will usually post either half of the minimum bet or a blind, while the next player will stake the minimum bet in full. Each player then receives four hole cards dealt face down.

Fourth and Fifth Street

This variation is unique to Omaha hold’em and is designed to make the game more interesting. The dealer puts three face up cards on the table after they have burned the top card. After betting has gone on for another round, the dealer performs this task again, which takes the name of fourth street. Another round of betting follows and the dealer does this one more time.