Texas Hold’em Rules!

Texas Hold ‘Em is a type of Poker game. Poker is a very popular, if not the most popular, game in casinos, and as such many variants have grown up over the years, some depending on which country you play in. So, it is important to learn the specific rules to each variant of the game if a player wants to participate in the world of Poker.

Playing Texas Hold ’Em is simple. First, two cards are placed face down in front of each player. There are then five group cards placed face up in the centre of the table. These are dealt out in three stages over the course of the game. The first is the flop and is made up of three cards. The second stage is the turn and is just one extra card placed face up. Lastly the fifth card, which is called the river, is turned over. Each player simply aims to get the best or highest five card poker hand made up of a combination of their own two cards and cards from the community cards. If the player’s best hand is only made up of the community cards and none of the cards in their hand, then this is called ‘playing the board.’

Whilst traditionally this was a land-based game, it has made an easy transition to the online game repertoire, making it easy for newcomers and veterans alike to partake in this classic, and with sites like Search Casino, even easier to find. Online games vary from traditional ones specifically in that the cards are electronically computed through the game software.

However, for those that like the ability to play at any time of day and from wherever they are, but would also like to join in a live casino atmosphere, there are increasingly more live games such as those from Evolution Gaming to choose from. These live games, depending on the casino, are now offering Texas Hold ‘Em, and thus players can enjoy engaging with a human dealer, but from the comfort of their own home.